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23-Sep-2016 15:36

You might poo-poo the guilt, but ask around to your remote brethren. A few months back we had a standup meeting and a boss couldn't get the web cam to work (It's been 5 years but even now they usually spend about 10 minutes messing about with the webcam before giving up and just having me call in). I'd like to get you up to date on what I'm working on..." "Guys?

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I guess I could had got a Mic only but then a few dollars more this is more fun.This Microsoft web camera utilizes True Color technology to reproduce vibrant videos in realistic colors under any lighting conditions.The noise-canceling microphone of this high-definition webcam reproduces ultra-clear audio by filtering out the distracting ambient noises.My last two jobs were both 7 year long gigs, so this isn't the longest I've worked somewhere, but clocking in at a half-decade, it's the longest I've worked remotely. We assume you all think we're just hanging out without pants on.

Given that I haven't yet been fired, it's fair to say that I'm a pretty good remote worker. There's a few reasons why being a remote worker sucks. I propose that most remote workers work at least as hard, if not more so, than their local counterparts. We assume you think we're just at the mall tweeting.

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