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As you can see, this "shield" shows the day, the month, and the number of comments.This article will show you exactly how to get that effect! My die is RCBS 30-06 sizing die and ive broke or bent three decapping pins so far.any suggestionswould be appreciated also what can I use to kill live primmers? you should use a universal decaping Die RCBS has a Heavy duty one BUT people say the Lee universal decaping Die is stronger and cheaper are you talking about the primers you decap??? You'll break decapping pins in Boxer-style deprimers from now until Doomsday.

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You might call RCBS and tell them about the bent/broken decapping pins. In my experiments, I put a drop of liquid directly into the cup of a loose primer (not in a cartridge case).

The old style decapper/expander rods in the sizing dies consisted of two parts.

The rod itself was machined and the the decapping pin was a roller bearing that was staked into the end of the rod.

First of all, I'm using the calendar icons made by Marek Sotak.

I've also built upon his idea to have specific images for each month, so you don't have to put the month into the image with text, allowing for a nicer layout of the calendar icon.

We'll begin by creating a calendar icon like this: Having done that, the image will render like this: Now as you've noticed, the HTML code this far was quite simple, the way Marek put it together, but it's not very accessible.