Im 18 dating 23 year old

06-Jan-2017 05:05

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If so than reguardless of how socially acceptable it is, there is something about it that will be artificial. She wants to boss me around, but I don't allow her to and we end up fighting. Since then, she found out I was 18 and She was fine with it.Also, if you're in the United States, you won't be able to take her out to bars with your friends.There are some milestones you'll have to pass and some difficult things to get through.And if you were 28 and she were 23, it wouldn’t be any issue at all.The problem shows up when you try to have a social relationship: I could go on and on, but you get the idea; pretty, funny, smart and interested in you are all great, but that experience gap is a bigger obstacle than you may imagine at first look.It’s legally and traditionally OK…but it’s a bad idea going forward.

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She's at a different stage in life when it comes to school and career.To he honest, I think the age difference isn't that bad. They were happy I was finally with someone who had their life together. Had no history of being expelled, doing hard drugs and having to go to rehab.. Make a good impression, as I'm sure you will, and her family should be fine.If you really like her and she feels the same, go for it!I know five years isn't much in the long run, e.g.

25 and 30 is perfectly acceptable, but right now it seems to be a pretty big gap.

It's a little weird but nothing I'd be super concerned about really. Its better if she was 20/21 because then the life experience would match up more.