My neighbours are intimidating

18-May-2016 03:24

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Ask Politely Before we assumed the worst of our neighbors, who have been more than friendly up until recently, we asked our other neighbors if they knew what was going on.We were more than willing to be understanding if there was more to the situation that met the eye.If your neighbour causes you to feel intimidated and under siege in your own home or when you go outside your house then yes you are living next door to the Neighbour From Hell and you need to take steps to manage the situation and regain your life.It often starts with some simple thing, a reasonable request, like sharing the cost of a new fence or asking them to stop their dog from barking 24/7, maybe you just smiled at them one day and they decided that you ‘needed to be taught a lesson’.I just don't like handing people my balls in order to keep the peace, you know? If you can, pretend like you didn't see the stare and just become intensely involved in something else, like talking to another person, looking through your wallet. It's a male dominance ritual that progresses in predictable stages, which you rightly say can end up in violence unless one of the parties backs down, a game of one-upmanship.Do you have any words of wisdom about situations such as this? The only winning move is not to play and short-circuit it when you recognise the pattern, don't give an opportunity for the opponent to escalate and don't give into the temptation to escalate it yourself.

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au was created in 2011 as the result of a long running NFH problem we had/have which has lead us to becoming all too familiar with what to do (and what not to do) when dealing with a provocative, unco-operative, angry neighbour.When people stare heavily at you in a way in order to try to dominate or to try to intimidate or something like that, I don't know what my best option is. I feel like to look away is to 'lose,' to 'be less of a man.' It is emasculating, especially if I am not doing something wrong and some jerk feels like giving me a cold stare. The problem is with the wrong person this can lead to a fight on your hands.

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