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20-Oct-2016 22:26

Which is why she probably ended her answer by saying “I mean, never say never.”Lakshmi went on to say that even though she hasn’t been romantic with a woman in a long time, there’s still a lot of life to live.

You’d be working 13-hour days in some smelly kitchen.

After five years of dating, the couple got married in 2004.

Rushdie dedicated his novel to Padma, but they had a bitter fall-out and got divorced in 2007.

She has also created Padma's Easy Exotic, a collection of culinary products including frozen organic foods, fine teas, natural spice blends, as well as hard goods.

Model and TV show host Padma Lakshmi has revealed deep experiences of her personal life, like what it was like being married to prominent novelist Salman Rushdie, with her new book that was released today (March 8).

Considering the contents of Padma’s recently released autobiographical book, Rushdie had been very demanding for sexual favors while being married to the host.

Lakshmi has confessed about how every time he’d lose the Nobel Prize for Literature, she would be subjected to Salman’s excessive urges for sex.

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Even professional chefs have a hard time making it through Bravo’s culinary gauntlet, almost all of them falling prey to at least one of these 17 guaranteed pack-your-knives-and-go moves.

Padma had to pay this price every time Rushdie felt jealous and lost any award, making her married life quite painful, because during their marriage, Padma was diagnosed with endometriosis, a chronic disease related to the lining of the womb that made sexual intercourse a far more painful experience for her.